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MVR evaporator system

MVR evaporation system is a steam digital compressor using MVR steam compressor engineering. Evaporator is an energy saving technology that reuses the energy of the secondary steam itself to reduce the need for external energy sources.

Industrial evaporator manufacturers

Industrial evaporator manufacturer -WTEYA, specializing in the manufacture of mVR evaporators, falling film evaporators, etc., 15 years of experience, support customization, low operating costs.

MVR evaporator manufacturers

MVR evaporator manufacturer -WTEYA,15 years of professional manufacturing mvr evaporator, falling film, rising film evaporator, etc., compact structure, small footprint, support OEM and ODM customization.

UF ultra filter system

UF system ultrafiltration water treatment machine is a device that uses the membrane separation technology for filtration water. It can remove impurities such as bacteria, glue, bacteria in water.

MBR membrane biography system

MBR membrane waste water treatment system is an advanced sewage treatment technology integrating film separation technology with biological treatment technology.

Ro purified water equipment

RO water treatment system is an advanced water purification technology that uses semi-osmosis membrane (RO membrane) to eliminate water-soluble substances such as salt, bacteria, virus and other impurities.
Expert team
The expert team of WTEYA brings together elites from various fields, committed to providing excellent solutions.

Dr. Kang Youjun

Master's degree in Physical Chemistry from Xiamen University and PhD in Inorganic Chemistry from Sun Yat sen University. The research direction is Efficient Composite Catalysis (ECC), which has national level technical expertise in the application research and engineering design of UV photocatalysis in wastewater treatment, the application research of UV photocatalysis in the degradation of total nitrogen in nitrate containing wastewater, the research on the degradation process of highly difficult to degrade hypophosphate and phosphorous acid in wastewater, and the transformation of existing engineering processes, the recovery of metallic nickel from chemical nickel scrap tank solution, the reduction and resource recovery of high-purity chromium containing wastewater sludge, and the efficient demulsification and phosphorus removal research to eliminate demulsifiers and phosphorus removal agents. Currently, 8 invention patents have been authorized.

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Engineer Wang Hui

Graduated from the Department of Chemistry at South China University, Senior Engineer in the Group's Membrane Treatment Business. Previously responsible for leading the waste gas treatment project of COFCO (Dongguan) Grain and Oil Industry Co., Ltd., the 16TPD sludge drying and reduction project of Haofeng Electroplating and Printing and Dyeing Professional Base in Dongguan, the 16TPD sludge drying and reduction project of Humen Electroplating and Printing and Dyeing Professional Base in Dongguan, the wastewater upgrading and renovation project plan of Weide Circuit Board Co., Ltd. in Boluo County, the 180TPD electroplating wastewater upgrading and reuse project of Jiangyin Liuhuan Alloy Wire Co., Ltd., the waste gas treatment project of Kaizhong Precision Manufacturing Technology Co., Ltd. in Heyuan City, the 600TPD stainless steel surface treatment wastewater project of Henan Gangwanhong Metal Materials Co., Ltd., and the 1000TPD pure wastewater of Xinchuang Branch of Shanxi Qinxin Energy Group Co., Ltd. Water project, Yichun Tianzhuo New Materials Co., Ltd. 200TPD desulfurization tower circulating water thallium and fluoride removal project The design and construction of more than 50 projects, including the 600TPD electroplating wastewater zero discharge project of Huizhou Kaizhong Precision Technology Co., Ltd., all met the design requirements and were successfully accepted and put into operation. The work was appreciated by the client.

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Engineer Peng

Graduated from the School of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering at Suzhou University, as a Senior Engineer in the Evaporation Business Unit. I have been engaged in the research and design of evaporators for over 20 years, and have been responsible for leading more than 60 projects, including the Full Quantitative MVR project for leachate at Tangshan Fengrun Garbage Sanitary Landfill, Hubei Rongbai MVR project, West Mandu Garbage Treatment and Evaporation Equipment project in Guinea, Africa, Yijinhuoluo Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia, the Full Quantitative MVR project for leachate at Guangdong Jieyang Huilai Garbage Landfill, and the Full Quantitative MVR project for leachate at Liangjinshan, Kaiping, Guangdong.

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Engineer Xu Lujun

Graduated from the Department of Environmental Engineering at Nanhua University, Senior Engineer in the Biochemical Business Unit of the R&D Center of the Group, with over 10 years of experience in R&D and design. Led and completed the construction of wastewater treatment stations at Aier Eye Hospital in Hengyang City, Huacheng Hospital in Hengyang City, Nanhua Hospital Affiliated to Nanhua University in Hengyang City, DTRO membrane system project at Jiashan County Environmental Health Management Office's garbage transfer site, upgrading and expansion project for leachate treatment at Anlu City's garbage treatment site, procurement project for integrated equipment of sewage treatment stations and supporting pipeline networks in six towns in Huilai County, upgrading and renovation project for leachate treatment stations at Lingshan County's domestic garbage landfill site, and integrated sewage treatment plant in Shenquan Town. Handling equipment procurement and installation projects The procurement and installation of equipment for improving the quality of leachate treatment process at Lida Garbage and Wastewater Treatment Plant, the upgrading and renovation of leachate treatment workshop at Heqiao Household Waste Harmless Treatment Center in Hengdong County, and the procurement of leachate treatment equipment for the ecological restoration project of Lida Household Waste Sanitary Landfill in Hengyang County have all been completed and accepted, receiving unanimous praise from the owner.

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Guangdong Wteya Environmental Technology Co., Ltd
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Guangdong WTEYA Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., founded in 2009, is an environmentally friendly technology enterprise specializing in the research and development, production, sales and installation of water treatment equipment.

WTEYA is a group company. The headquarters is located in Tianan Digital City, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, China, with an office building with a total area of over 3000m². The intelligent manufacturing production base is located in Jingshan City, Hubei Province, China, covering an area of 30,000m². It has more than 42 subsidiaries and 500 employees, including Guangdong YADI Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. focusing on municipal sewage/domestic sewage/garbage sewage/river treatment/food waste treatment and other fields/, Guangdong ZHONGGONG BILAN Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. The company is committed to industrial wastewater treatment/reclaimed water/zero wastewater discharge/evaporation crystallization and other fields. Hubei Hengze Environmental Protection Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to landfill leachate treatment and other fields.

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We are committed to intelligent manufacturing by integrating advanced information systems such as ERP, PLM, MES, CAPP, and lean production concepts, relying on digital transformation and automation upgrades, and providing customers with excellent products and services.

WYETA has comprehensive manufacturing capabilities, not only providing customers with product standardization and customization services, but also offering OEM and ODM services.

We deeply integrate IT technology into devices and application services, achieving functions such as mobile terminal tracking, cloud data presentation, and real-time status analysis, allowing users to perceive the value brought by the combination of digital technology and professional devices.

WYETA's design and development team has gathered 200 industry elites, committed to breaking new heights in environmental protection technology with outstanding innovation capabilities and profound professional knowledge.


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