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New high efficiency and energy saving MVR evaporatior! Necessary for industrial wastewater treatment

27 Jun, 2024 3:15pm


MVR evaporator is a new type of high efficiency and energy saving evaporation equipment mainly used in the field of industrial wastewater. WTEYA's MVR evaporator equipment uses low temperature and low pressure steam technology and clean energy to produce steam for energy, separating the water in the medium, is the international advanced evaporation technology, is to replace the traditional evaporator upgrade products. MVR evaporator is different from the ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporator, MVR is a single effect evaporator, a multi-effect falling film evaporator in one, according to the required product concentration is different to take segmented evaporation.


WTEYA's MVR evaporator recyles 100% of the latent heat of the secondary steam, greatly reducing energy consumption and low operating costs; The circulating cooling water system supply system was cancelled; Compact structure, small footprint; Especially suitable for small space construction; High degree of automation, fully automatic control. It has been successfully applied in hazardous waste industry, lithium battery industry, petrochemical industry, biological fermentation industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industrial wastewater zero discharge fields.




Working principle of MVR evaporator


MVR evaporator is different from ordinary single-effect falling film or multi-effect falling film evaporator, MVR is a single evaporator, which integrates multi-effect falling film evaporator in one.


1. The raw liquid is first exchanged by the feed pump through the condensate heat exchanger.


2. After preheating, the material liquid enters the forced circulation evaporator, evaporates and concentrates it until the concentration reaches the preset concentration, and the material is discharged. When foam appears in the evaporation process, the defoamer is added for defoaming.


3. After the concentrated crystal slurry is enriched and then entered into the centrifuge, the mother liquid is separated under the action of centrifugal force, the mother liquid is returned to the original liquid tank, and the crystalline salt is released. 


4. The secondary steam generated by the separator enters the compressor for compression, and the high-temperature steam compressed by the compressor then enters the forced circulation heat exchanger. In the shell of the forced circulation evaporator, the steam is condensed into condensed water, discharged into the condensing water tank, and pumped into the plate heat exchanger through the condensate pump to preheat the material liquid.


5. The non-condensing gas in the shell of the forced circulation evaporator enters the non-condensing gas heat exchanger to further preheat the material.


6. Each process condition in the process flow has a field display and parameter transmitter, which is centrally controlled by PLC and monitored by the configuration software of the industrial computer Visual, alarm and automatic control.


During the normal operation of the MVR evaporator, the material evaporates to produce low-temperature secondary steam, which is compressed by the compressor, the pressure and temperature are increased, and the enthalpy is increased, and is sent to the heating chamber of the evaporator as heating steam that is used as steam, so that the material liquid is maintained in the evaporative state, and the heating steam itself transfers heat to the material itself and condenses into water. In this way, the steam originally to be discarded is fully utilized, the latent heat is recovered, and the thermal efficiency is improved.


The working process is that the steam at low temperature is compressed by the compressor, the temperature and pressure are increased, the enthalpy is increased, and then it is condensed into the heat exchanger to make full use of the latent heat of the steam. In addition to starting the car, no steam is generated during the entire evaporation process.


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MVR evaporator features


The application of MVR technology in the field of evaporation covers many aspects such as evaporation concentration, crystallization and low temperature operation. The MVR evaporator system recyles 100% of the latent heat of the secondary steam and significantly reduces energy consumption by completely reusing the released secondary steam. Abandoning the traditional circulation cooling system, the MVR evaporator system is more compact, one with multiple effects, occupies less space, and is extremely suitable for installation in limited space, with a high degree of automation and low operating costs.


Compared with traditional evaporators, MVR evaporation system has a wider range of raw material adaptability, supporting continuous or intermittent discharge mode; At the same time, the smaller size and excellent mobility make it more flexible for deployment in production. The improved thermal efficiency and reduced power consumption not only reduce operating costs, but also ensure that the treatment process is environmentally friendly and pollution-free.