History of Development
History of Development
History of Development
Achieve strategic cooperation with Ningbo photopainting plastic Co., Ltd. in the listed company; invite doctor Zhangjiagang, guangdong Industrial University is a supporting business development idea; the official digital production base opened, Introduction The Technology of full-automatic welding machine, put into the full production MVR evaporator, reverse osmosis equipment, integrated equipment and other water treatment equipment; total more than 100 projects have been completed in 2023, Including 2400t/d Jiangxi Ganfeng Sewage Treatment Project; 200t/d sulfur circulating waste water spraying equipment fluoride waste water supply and other sewage non-discharge projects; Guangdong pajamas Khanh, Sichuan Dai, DIY longuette and other MVR evaporator project.
Comfortably completed Stage I and stage II project; Hangzhou Kaizhong accurate Technology Co., Ltd. started construction of 600t/d sewage non-discharge project; starting stage I, the kaleidoscope sewer water project in Ha Noi industrial zone; Beijing Shan, Hu wall built a new digitizer factory; received 2 patent of invention; entered the list of small businesses and just planning to restock the 5th time of Guangdong province in 2021.
Guangdong Zhonggong blue Environmental Technology Co. Ltd was founded; won the copper foil waste water project and new pure water of Wukong province.
Receiving the 5-star after-sales service certificate; reaching the certification of Guangdong Province Science and Technology Enterprise 2020; reaching 35 practical patent; achieved 8 high-tech product certifications.
Have stored more than 100 customers of the listed companies; more than 50 national garbage projects; achieved the professional headlight of construction company's environmental protection industry.
The company signed a production research agreement with Hu Nam University; to do better layout business, to form a subsidiary company in Hu Nam, Hu BAC, shandong and other places; receive many filtration service projects in the North Lake province, Shaanxi province.