After-sale service
After-sale service
After-sale service

Guangdong Wteya Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. has a comprehensive after-sales service system, established a professional after-sales department to solve customer after-sales problems, formulated strict after-sales service standards, improved the quality and efficiency of after-sales technical services, and solved after-sales problems for new and old customers more quickly. Ensure that users can achieve greater benefits when using our company's products and services, and improve their satisfaction and trust in the products.

Service Purpose
Establishing Cooperation with Quality to Ensure Worry free Use for Customers and Dedicated Service
In our after-sales service work, we continuously summarize our experience, improve service quality, strengthen our work efforts, and gradually form a high-quality and complete after-sales service system, which solves the worries of users and enhances the credibility of product quality.

After sales service content
·1. According to the requirements of the contract and technical agreement, during the contract period, the company provides products to users. During the contract service period, the company provides corresponding after-sales services to users for various faults or parts damage caused by quality issues such as assembly and materials.
·2. For the installation and debugging required in the contract, within the specified time, organize personnel to install and debug the product and provide training to user staff.
·3. We will regularly conduct follow-up visits to key sales areas and key customers to understand the usage of the product, solicit opinions from users on product design, assembly, and other aspects, and keep records of user usage.

Equipment maintenance
Wastewater treatment equipment, like cars, may experience performance degradation, increased power consumption, or abnormalities after prolonged use. In order to ensure the normal use of the equipment for a longer period of time, we recommend regular cleaning, maintenance, and upkeep of the equipment. If there is any abnormal phenomenon in the equipment, please contact us for handling. In addition, our company provides professional maintenance services. For more details, please contact our customer service.

Service Guide
Maintenance service process
Consultation on after-sales service → Registration of relevant information →
① Telephone follow-up, professional technical personnel answer customer questions → fill out after-sales receipt form.
② If on-site handling is required, arrange for maintenance personnel to make an appointment for on-site repair, repair personnel to come for on-site repair, and fill out the after-sales receipt form.